The Perfect DIY Gifts Perfect for Party Season

If your holiday shopping (or, in my case, DIY-ing) list is anything like mine, you’ll realize how easy it is to forget something for the least one person. So when you find out you don’t have something for the hostess of the holiday party you’re attending, it’s easy for panic to set in. But worry not! I totally got you covered. Here are 8 gifts you can easily DIY and validate any hostess’ efforts to entertain!

1. DIY Funfetti Candle

This lovely funfetti candle is really quite whimsical! It’s a quick, easy, and fun project — plus, it’s simply adorable. Make sure to add a few drops of your host’s favorite essential oil to make it even more special.

2. Artisan Cocoa Kit

This artisan  cocoa mix is a real crowd— who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Simply head to your grocery store and grab a few ingredients, then layer them into small mason jars. Once you close the lid, decorate it any way you wish to please your hostess. This kit comes with cinnamon and marshmallow for extra sweetness.

3. Homemade Sugar Scrub

This homemade sugar scrub is made using all natural ingredients, and only three of them — sugar, olive oil, and coconut oil. These natural ingredients have skin soothing properties which not only cleanse the skin but also keep it moisturized. It is a perfect gift for any hostess who needs a bit of pampering.

4. Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Mason jars are amazingly popular right now and I’m sure any hostess would appreciate getting not just a wonderful present, but a pretty functional one, too. If you got mason jars hidden in your cupboard, better give this project a go.

5. Cozy Fringed Flannel Scarf

Help your host stay warm as the weather starts to become colder. This easy sewing project gives you both fashion and comfort — plus, the fringe adds style to any outfit.

6. Fabric Wall Art

Surprise your hostess with beautiful wall art that matches her home decor. A fabric wall art is a quick and simple DIY home decor sure to give a blank wall some personality.

7. DIY Koozies

Personalize one of these easy-to-make DIY koozies for your busy hostess’ cup. You can also make a set for her next barbeque or tea party.

8.Wooden Coasters

If the weather still allows you to get out, then use it as an opportunity to collect some fallen branches and transform them into these rustic wooden coasters. I’m sure there’s no other greener hostess gifts than this!

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