Simon Pegg Confirms Star Trek 4?

Simon Pegg has seemingly confirmed the current ‘Star Trek’ cast will come together for a fourth movie.

The 48-year-old actor has played Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott in the three most recent instalments of the popular sci-fi franchise – 2009’s ‘Star Trek’, 2013’s ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, and 2016’s ‘Star Trek Beyond’.

And he has said that whilst he knows that pressing forward with a fourth movie will be “difficult” – who played Pavel Checkov – he is confident the cast will get together once again.

He said: “I know we’re doing more. I’d love to – I love those guys. It’s, of course, difficult.”

“I found it to be the marketing people sort of saying ‘everyone come and see this movie, it is full of action and fun’, when there’s a lot more to it than that.”“I didn’t love it because I know there’s a lot more to the film. There’s a lot more story, a lot more character stuff, and a lot more what I would call Star Trek stuff.”

Simon also commented on reports made in December that Quentin Tarantino was developing a new ‘Star Trek’ movie, which he would possibly helm.

In an interview with The Quietus, Simon said: “We all got this email the other day from J. J. Abrams just sort of saying, ‘Um, oh guys, Quentin Tarantino came in the office and pitched this and we’re gonna think about it.’ We were like, ‘What?’ People just assume, I think, because it’s Quentin that it will be R-rated but he is a massive ‘Star Trek’ fan … who knows!”

Simon’s confidence in a fourth instalment of the rebooted franchise comes after it was announced shortly after ‘Star Trek Beyond’ that Chris Hemsworth would be reprising his role as George Kirk – the father of Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk – in a fourth movie.

Meanwhile, last month, Karl Urban – who plays Doctor McCoy – insisted he was “confident” that a new movie would begin filming with in the next year.

He said: “It’s really a question for Paramount. But, that being said, I have such a wonderful experience of working on those ‘Star Trek’ movies. You know, that cast, we’re like family at this point. I’m pretty confident within, hopefully the next year, that we’ll be back on the set.”

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