Sigala to Plan his Own Pop Festival

Sigala has revealed his plans to start his own pop musical festival.The 25-year-old producer is hoping his bustling contacts book of pop stars he’s collaborated with over the years will come together for a summer extravaganza.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “I just love the idea of bringing people together when I can.

“My album’s the same, just about working with artists that I find talented and interesting.

For a few years before this song, I was mostly doing production and writing for other artists. Some of it I liked and some of it I was doing for the money or for the job. It got to the point where I just wanted to do something for myself – rather than have somebody asking me to create a song that had a certain sound to it or had to be a certain way.

“And making something that is really cool.”A festival goes with the whole ethos of this next album, but it would have to be summer over here, good vibes, good weather and the sun shining.

“It would be great just to bring a range of artists together and, yeah, obviously I have made some great contacts.”

The ‘Easy Love’ hitmaker – who has worked on songs for the likes of John Newman, Ella Eyre and Paloma Faith – hopes that it will give artists the chance to meet other stars and hopefully plan collaborations the old fashioned way, by meeting in person rather than over the phone or email.

He said: “Festivals are the perfect opportunity to meet someone, get to know them and discuss working together.

“I prefer the organic way of organising collabs, as a lot of the time it’s done via emails and phone calls.

“I had that with Tinie Tempah actually – we don’t have anything yet, but we’ve been trying to find the time together.”

Meanwhile, Sigala is hoping Kylie Minogue will still release the pop banger the pair worked on.

The ‘Came Here For Love’ hitmaker made a track for the Australian star last year, which he says she sounded “amazing” on, but the ‘Dancing’ singer decided to go down the country route on her forthcoming LP ‘Golden’.

However, Sigala – whose real name is Bruce Fielder – is still holding out on Kylie dropping the track.

He said recently: “I started doing stuff for her album but she decided to go off in a slightly different angle, a more country vibe, so it didn’t really fit.

“The song we’ve done I’ve always loved and she sounds amazing on it so I really don’t want that to go to waste.

“It’s classic Kylie, when she sang on it, it was like this huge 90s sound, very up her street, big piano sounds.”

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