Jared Leto: Music is More Personal than Acting

American star Jared Leto has revealed he thinks making music is more “personal” than being an actor.

The 46-year-old star has enjoyed success in both industries, but Jared – who appears alongside his brother Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic in his band Thirty Seconds to Mars – thinks he’ll find it easier to quit the movie business than to cease performing on the stage.

Asked whether he could ever see himself retiring from acting or music, Jared said: “I think at some point I could walk away. It’d be much easier to walk away from film than music.

I’m a real outdoors person and some of my most powerful childhood memories involve sitting around a campfire with the smell of wood and maple syrup.

The one great thing about California is that you’re surrounded by nature. Yeah, you may be in a fancy LA neighbourhood, but you can go hiking close by and brush past fennel and lavender, which still amazes me. The proximity to the desert, mountains or the ocean is one of the great pros of living here – I’d even say of being alive.

I think the way I have got to know myself is by testing my limits, whether it’s rock climbing or acting. People have focused on the “bravery” of taking on The Joker.

I’m also used to being onstage in the other realm of music, which is more about personal expression and doing your own thing than working on a film set.

“Music is very personal – my brother and I have shared this journey and this dream for almost our entire lives. We’re playing the biggest and most ambitious tour of our lives.

“On stage last night, in front of 15,000 people, I remember looking over at my brother just in awe of the experience. It’s an absolute dream.”

Meanwhile, Jared claimed that rock music finds itself in the midst of a “metamorphosis”.

Speaking to USA Today, Jared explained: “Rock has always been an attitude, and it doesn’t have to mean drums, bass and guitar. I think there’s probably more rock in a lot of hip-hop than you’ll find in (most) bands.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is metamorphosis happening. We’re selling more tickets than we’ve ever sold in our lives, and there seems to be an energy for what we’re doing that we’re really grateful for.

“Obviously, rock doesn’t hold the position that it once did, but that’s OK. It doesn’t have to.”

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