Gary Numan announces Skaparis Orchestra UK Tour

Gary Numan has announced a UK tour with the Skaparis Orchestra to support his album, including a night at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Gary Numan has announced a UK tour with the Skaparis Orchestra.

The “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” hitmaker has been on the road supporting his latest album- which was released in September – and the upcoming shows are set to have a bit of a unique twist.

It has been confirmed that Numan and his live band will be joined on six UK dates by the Skaparis Orchestra, including a night at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

The tour kicks off on November 12 at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, before moving onto dates in Birmingham, Newcastle, London and Glasgow.

Replicas is quite light-sounding in comparison to Numan’s later works, and is enjoyable to listen, so we can deduce that the upcoming show will provide the fans with tons of inspiration, immersing them in a trance-like, hypnotic state, and motivating the crowds to sway with the music.

The album dons a rather tasty industrial synth sound. When performed live at Brooklyn Steel, many more nuances were uncovered in the songs through Numan and his band’s theatrical performance. He shows that there is still a drive at this point in his career to continue being a creative force in electronic music.

Though Numan has so far had a long career, his performance had a freshness untinged by the years. During his set, Numan tapped albums from throughout his career including a track he performed in the 1970’s prior to going solo with the band.

Numan’s concerts have become famous for his extravagant light shows, and this time round it has been designed with the addition of the orchestra in mind.

As well as hits from his 40-year career, the star is set to perform the songs, which he was working on.

He said: “The songs are about the things that people do in very different environment. It’s about need to survive and they do other things in order to do so, and some are effects of what they’ve done.

“That desire to be forgiven, along with some discovered remnants of an old book, ultimately encourages religion to resurface, and it really goes downhill from there.”

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