DIY Wooden Candle Holders

We never get tired of beautiful rustic decor – not only is it cozy and charming, but it’s also totally timeless. With fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to add a bit of rustic charm to any room in your home. This DIY project is fast and simple, and the results are beautiful!

Candles have been around for ages. In fact, the earliest known candles originated in China around 200 BC. They then appeared in Europe after 400 AD. The first candles were made of natural wax and later on oil was used.Paraffin revolutionized candle-making in 1830. Originally, candles were commonly used for illumination and, although we now have electricity, we still keep candles in the house but mainly as decorative features and for mood lighting. Now you can make your own candles.You can make lots of interesting candle centerpieces using them. For example, these floating candles have a lovely rustic look and they would look great on a table.

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 pieces of reclaimed wood
  • Half gallon (64 oz.) mason jar
  • 1 roll of natural twine
  • 1 ½ cups brown short grain rice, dry
  • 1 votive candle
  • 1 glass votive candle holder
  • 2 screw hooks
  • 2 hanging chains (22-inch each)
  • Electrical tape

How To Make A Rustic Candle Sconces:

Step 1: Tape It Up

Tape each end of one chain to your mason jar. Leave about 4 inches of chain hanging from each side.

Step 2: Wrap The Lip Of The Jar

Use your twine to wrap the surrounds of the jar’s lip. Continue until the tape is completely covered.

Tip: Wind it as tightly as possible so the chain stays secure!

Step 3: Remove the Excess Twine

Remove the excess twine, then tuck in the end that is sticking out.

Step 4: Pull On The Chain

Carefully pull on the chain to make sure it’s completely secure.

Step 5: Lay Down One Wood

Lay down one piece of wood on a flat surface. We used a piece of deck wood (cut into two pieces), but any reclaimed wood will work!

Step 6: Screw The Hooks

Screw one of your hooks into the wood, about 1-2 inches from the edge.

Step 7: Pour Dry Rice

Pour dry rice into the mason jar, then add your votive holder and candle.

Step 8: Attach To The Wall

Attach your wood to the wall, then hang the jar on the hook.

Step 9: Do The Second Wall Sconce

Simply repeat steps 1-8 with your other supplies to make your second wall sconce.

Step 10: Light It Up!

Light the candles and enjoy your brand new wall sconces!

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