DIY Wind Chimes

DIY wind chimes will add flair to your porch, backyard, balcony or anywhere you want to put them! Get creative with some old silverware and enjoy the shabby-chic vibe it gives your space.

Wind chimes are beautiful and their tinkling sound complements any windy afternoon. They also make a great DIY project for the whole family. I will show how to create your very own whimsical wind chime using some of your silverware. It’s very easy and fun to make; I’m sure you’ll love it!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 fork
  • 4 spoons
  • beads
  • jewelry making supplies (wire, lobster clip, and jumper rings)
  • multi-tool or flat nose pliers
  • drill and drill-bit
  • Dremel or any cutting tool to cut the silverware

How To Make A Silverware Wind Chime:

Step 1: Cut And Drill

Separate the head of the spoon from its handle by cutting it with a Dremel or whatever tool you have available. Then, drill a hole on both ends of the spoon handle. Also, make similar holes on the spoon’s head and on the fork’s handle. Make sure to drill the hole close to the very end portion.

Step 2: Start Working With Your Fork

The fork is your hanger. Use a multi-tool or flat nose pliers to curl the ends of the fork tines. Do it one by one and alternately. First to the front, then back, front, and back. Go gently so the fork won’t break.

Step 3: Build The Hanger

Use 2 pieces of jewelry making essentials: 1 big lobster clip and a jumper ring. Use flat-nose pliers to hold the jumper ring on each side then twist it a little to open it up. Clip the lobster clip onto the jumper ring, then attach to your fork.

Step 4: Assemble The Beads

Grab your jewelry wire and thread your beads that way you want. In this project, that makes 2 big beads with 1 small bead in between. Make sure to leave excess wire on both ends to create a little hook. Attach a bigger jumper ring on one of the little hooks. Create a total of 8 assembled beads to use for all the spoons.

Step 5: Connect The Spoon’s Head And Handle

Simply attach the assembled beads to the hole of both spoon’s head and handle to reconnect them. Attach another set of assembled beads to the other hole of the handle as dangling embellishment. Do this on all four spoons. This is just like solving a puzzle, connecting the pieces all together.

Step 6: Attach The Spoon To The Fork

You’re almost done! Grab your fork and attach the spoons one by one. Your wind chime is now ready! Hang them outside or near a window. Once the wind blows you’ll hear a dazzling sound.

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