DIY Picnic Food Ideas and Crafts

Summer is here! Growing up in New York City means spending one too many summer days sitting under the trees in Central Park or taking a stroll down by Bowling Green. If you’re not a big city-goer, there’s still one thing we can most likely agree on – we all like picnics. You can plan your picnic right down to the napkins and we’re going to show you how.

1. Mason Jar Straw Lid

All you need to do is drill a hole in the top center of the metal tin lid and add a grommet! There isn’t much else to it! These fun travel mugs are great for drinks on-the-go!

2. DIY Picnic Food Covers

These adorable picnic covers will keep pests away from your food! Never worry about ants getting into your sandwiches or flies having a fiesta on your sliders with these easy to make DIY picnic food covers.

3. Rainbow Salad In A Glass

This delightful salad-to-go is a great way to pack a light and crisp snack. It’s just the right amount and travels well. Beat the summer heat with this bright and colorful salad in a cup!

4. Sunset Dyed Basket Liner + Pouch

Ever wondered how to make your own dip-dyed ombre tote bag? Look no further! If you’re into sewing projects you’ll love this sunset dyed basket liner + pouch. Never leave home again without your fancy little tote.

5. Make An Eclectic Party Setup

Okay, so the blog itself is in Spanish, however, you can translate it all through Google. The picnic set-up here is just too good not to share. Check out her lovely Etsy shop where we recommend scooping up some beautiful little party favors and place settings.

6. DIY Picnic Basket From Wooden Apple Basket

Check out these lovely picnic baskets, they just made summer even lovelier! This project requires a little extra time and effort to get them to look perfect, but the photographs here prove that it’s totally worth it!

7. Old School DIY Picnic

Want the skinny on how to recreate this FAB idea yourself? This awesome tutorial shows you how to achieve this look right down to the perfect summer dress. Sorry, we can’t give you a link to purchase the car. Wouldn’t that be just divine?

8. Amalfi Inspired Picnic

The Amalfi coast in Italy stretches about 50km along the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula and is most famous for the town of Sorrento. This DIY Amalfi inspired picnic has the aesthetic and food to virtually transport you there. Check out how to throw this together for the perfect summer picnic before you travel abroad. Bellisimo!

9. Gazpacho To Go: Pack And Serve In Half-Pint Jars For A Prettier Picnic

Check out this lovely and unique way to store your Gazpacho! It’s all about presentation when you’re entertaining for a group. Impress your friends this summer with this quick and easy way to store your picnic food.

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