DIY Board Ideas for Toddlers

Busy takes on a whole meaning when there’s a little child in the house. With endless amounts of vitality, curious minds, and fingers that need to jab, pull and prise open almost everything, toddlers simply need to keep themselves busy to satisfy their curiosity (which means mothers become even busier entertaining them). Toddlers are the ultimate explorers, eager to learn and play. But on days when you just can’t go outside to dig for hidden treasure, these DIY busy boards are an amazing alternative that’s safe, educational, and inexpensive to put together.

1. Fabric Busy Board

Tweak those little motor skills with this fabric DIY busy board. Zips, bows, buttons, buckles, and velcro – ooh yeah. If you love sewing, those tiny scraps will now come in handy.

2. DIY Latch Board

With all kinds of latches in a perfectly sized board offer a boundless entertainment for kids. They will have all the fun opening and shutting the latches and hinges. This amazing DIYer even included a few vividly-colored carabiners fastened to some handles to provide extra fun stimulation.

3. Felt Busy Board

Filled with felty goodness! Your famished little caterpillars will have non-stop fun organizing tiny bits of food. With just a few easy-to-find crafting supplies paired with the step-by-step tutorial, you can recreate this busy board in just 15-minutes.

4. Motion Busy Board

WOW! If you want a board that not just opens and shuts but also provides lots of cool stuff to play with, this motion busy board is your perfect project. Test your woodworking skills, and add doors to your own busy board. Teach your toddler some basic skills like opening and closing a door with this busy board.

5. Car Dashboard

Beep, beep, broom, broom and off we go! This car dashboard comes with everything a little learner needs – rear view mirror, fuel gauge, gears, speed, and, of course, a radio for on-road tunes.

6. Busy Board by the Letter

Add your personal touch to make your busy board project even more special. Shape your board into your happy toddler’s initial and add a few surprises to make it more fun. If you’re handy with a jigsaw, that’s an advantage. That’s the tool you’ll need.

 7. Zipper Board

Simplicity at its best! This zipper board is super easy to make and fun for everyone. Toddlers appreciate zippers because of the sound it creates when it opens and closes. Grab a piece of cardboard, glue, and a couple of vibrant colored zippers. Once your board is done, your little one can easily bring this zipper board from room to room, and it’s the right size for easy storage.

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