Amy Schumer Feels More Confident as an Actress

‘I Feel Pretty’ actress Amy Schumer feels more confident as a performer after starring in ‘Snatched’ and ‘Trainwreck’, and suggested it has come with experience.Amy Schumer is more confident as an actress after getting used to taking the lead.

The ‘I Feel Pretty’ star has already had prominent roles in movies like ‘Snatched’ and ‘Trainwreck’, and she suggested the experience of simply being in films and getting in front of the camera has helped her improve.

Asked if she feels more confident going into her third movie in a leading role, she told Collider: “As an actor … God, I don’t know. I guess so.

“You just learn stuff from doing it. The first time you’re on camera, you’re like ‘I got this’. And then you do this, and it’s impossible until you do it.”

The 36-year-old star feels confident in herself as a performer, and knows that if she wasn’t doing a good job then she would get an honest critique from the people around her.

Just because she’s on everything now, doesn’t mean she’s not still good. Maybe you’re tired of bacon and that’s your right but it’s still bacon. And just like a strip of cured pork, an episode of Inside Amy Schumer is rarely perfect, with sketches that are often overdone

She said: “Yeah, I feel confident as someone who… I do a good job on set. As an actor, I feel good because of my training and because I have people around me who I really trust, I don’t have yes people.”

Meanwhile, comic Amy recently insisted her huge success hasn’t brought her happiness.

She explained that while she has the “peace of mind” that comes from being “rich”, she doesn’t feel differently about her life to how she did as a struggling waitress because happiness is about more than just material possessions and physical appearances.

She told Vulture: “I have become a rich and famous person, and I am no happier now than I was when I was waiting tables. That’s the truth. I have more security, and that gives you peace of mind, which is great. There was a time when I didn’t have anyone to borrow a hundred bucks from, and having some money is a luxury, sure. But in terms of actual happiness, it’s all the same.

“I have friends who are more successful than me, friends who are still struggling, and they’re no happier than each other. To me, that’s a little comforting and a little depressing. Happiness can’t start with external stuff, whether that’s money or success or your body.”

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