9 DIY Organization Ideas

Sometimes, all a person really needs is some inspiration for how to maximize the potential of their home. If you’re like most people and find the costs of remodelling totally intimidating, don’t worry. These DIY organization ideas won’t stop you from making the most of your home — even on a budget!

1. Space-Saving Kitchen Organization Ideas For The Tidy Chef

A lazy susan is one of the great kitchen organizing hacks known to man. It keeps everything within reach and prevents things from toppling over.

2. Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Now, you won’t have to fumble around your kitchen drawer looking for the utensils you need. Personally, what I love about these mason jar utensil holders is how it allows me to group the different utensils according to my cooking needs.

3. Efficient Organization for The Kitchen

One of the ways to keep the organization at bay in a small kitchen is to have a rolling cart with different shelves and compartments. That way, you’ll have more areas to use for your storage solutions.

4. Organize to Eat More And Spend Less

Stop your old habit of letting food go to waste in the refrigerator. It’s not healthy, and it’s definitely costing you a ton of wasted dollars on expired food.

5. Stir Some Creativity into Your Kitchen

All you need is an eye for detail, a touch of creativity, some basic tools and this list of DIY organization ideas.

6. Clever Winter Gear Organization Ideas

Whether you’re someone who likes to keep winter gear in storage bins or prefers having them displayed on a wall, I think you’d benefit from reading this roundup of DIY organization ideas. Remember, the important thing is to keep your winter gear clean and ready for the next time you’ll use them.

7. Closet Organizer Ideas

Make your closet dreams come true by making sure you keep your closet clean and orderly. Use this DIY organization ideas to take advantage of hooks, hangers, racks and even egg cartons to help you get everything sorted into its own category.

8. DIY Earring Holder Ideas

Tired of your earrings missing a pair? Make an earring holder to store all of your favorite pieces. It’ll look so pretty with all your studs and statement pieces, too.

9. Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder

Revamp an old frame by turning it into a jewellery holder. You don’t even have to stick to one picture frame. You can place 2 or 3 side-by-side to add all your favorite earrings.

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