11 DIY Makeover Ideas for Your Bedroom

DIY makeovers are fun, but they’re more fun if they’re cheap. Check out some of these DIY makeover ideas for your bedroom.

1. The Cheapest Makeover

You can’t go cheaper than FREE, right? Here’s the simplest way to give your bedroom a makeover: remove all that clutter. Chuck any clothes that are lying around in a laundry basket and you’ll be amazed how different the bedroom looks.

2. Get a New Comforter

The same style of bed covers can not be interested after a while. Throw on a new comforter or duvet and give your bed a new look.

3. Play Around with Lighting

Night-time is when you’ll be spending your time in the bedroom right? Add some glitter to your bedroom with well-placed lights, and you’ll be snoozing with a smile.

4. Simple DIY Bed Canopy

Add a little romance with a simple canopy over your bed. A soft translucent curtain costs very little and you can hang it from the ceiling or the wall.

5. Give Your Bed a View

Stop waking up facing a wall. Turn your bed to face the window, and you’ll instantly get a different feel when you wake up in the morning.

6. Blackout Curtains

Sometimes you just want to sleep in, and blackout curtains are very good at blocking out the Sun. Get one with interesting colours or patterns and they will also look nice during the day.

7. Improvise a New Headboard for Your Bed

A new headboard will definitely add some character to your old bed. You don’t even need to get it; improvise one by painting over an old door, or find some boards and cover it with interesting fabrics.

8. Inspirational Quotes on the Walls

Use stickers to post messages or quotes on the wall. How about a beautiful message for your loved one?

9. Some DIY Mood Lighting

Add some mood lighting to your bedroom. You can recycle some old jars or cups to use as candle holders. Scented candles are a plus for a good night’s sleep.

10. Electric Candles

Don’t like the idea of having candles in your bedroom? You can get battery-powered candles online for cheap – they can be as romantic as real candles, but you don’t need to keep going to the store to get more.

11. New Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in different styles and price points, so you can choose the one that fits your budget. You can wallpaper your bedroom yourself, and you can even change wallpapers every year.

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