10 DIY Kids Crafts

Kids should have their own creativity! With all the technology they have access to nowadays, I feel like it is my role as a mother to keep their creative juices flowing. If you have a child, I’m sure they are either playing their favorite video game or staring at the television all day. So what can we do as moms to keep them busy without technology? Get them into crafting and have them enjoy making cool art projects and stuff with their hands.

1. Pipe Cleaner Crafts

So many DIY kids crafts you and your kids can do with pipe cleaners. Little girls can be a princess with a DIY crown and little boys can make a hungry caterpillar.

2. DIY Slime Recipes

Let your budding scientist create one or all these fun DIY slime recipes. Once done, let them have a one of kind experience they’ll surely treasure for the years to come! This is a great souvenir for children’s birthday parties, too.

3. Fun Handprint Canvas Art Ideas

Something adorable even toddlers can do. Let their imagination soar with what animal or insect they can come up with using their own prints.

4. Tin Can Windsocks

Teach your kids how to upcycle with this cool kids craft by making windsocks from tin cans. Take pictures while your adorable ones are making this amazing craft, to remind them of the beauty of upcycling brings.

5. Hand Print Acorns

It’s perfectly fine to get the kids a bit creative for their art project. Find out how to make this easy acorn art and let them go big with their creations.

6. Simple DIY Princess Wand

Does your little girl like to play pretend? Give her a new role to play by teaching her how to make this DIY princess wand. I’m sure she’ll enjoy long hours of pretend play anytime the mood strikes.

7. DIY Balloon Rocket

Balloons are a frugal and classic childhood staple. It never fails to provide kids of all ages long hours of fun and entertainment. This DIY balloon rocket is an easy craft that doubles as a science experiment. Any kid will be fascinated by this simple craft project.

8. DIY Felt Play Food

It’s a pizza party after making this easy play food. Don’t forget to supervise with the glue. Your future chef will have a delightful feast!

9. Bread And Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Teach your kids compassion to animals with this DIY bird feeder. It’s so easy! Let your feathered friends have a feast right in your backyard.

10. Diy Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers might appear tricky to tricky, but if you follow the steps you’ll be weaving your way to peace in no time. Most dream catchers are simply made of a hoop, some kind of weave in the center, and a tail. This craft allows kids to work with their hands and make something beautiful in the process.

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